Error[46] Undefined extarnal referred in main

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Error[46] Undefined extarnal referred in main

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I am using IAR Embedded Workbench v6.3 for MSP430. I have tried some code and it gave Error[46]. All of error shows below.

How can i solve this eror ? Could you help me please ?

Building configuration: msp430-5438-stk - Debug
Updating build tree...
Warning[Pe223]: function "delay_ms" declared implicitly C:\Users\Ugur\Downloads\MSP430-5438_STK_MMC_Demo (2)\MSP430-5438_STK_MMC_Demo\main.c 724
Error[e46]: Undefined external "delay_ms" referred in main ( C:\Users\Ugur\Downloads\MSP430-5438_STK_MMC_Demo (2)\
MSP430-5438_STK_MMC_Demo\Debug\Obj\main.r43 )
Error while running Linker
Total number of errors: 1
Total number of warnings: 1